The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications

SUT on IUNC Eurasia 2017

U1 The 6th International Universities Networking Conference (IUNC), organized by Eastern European University Association, was held in Moscow on May 15-18. SUT was presented by the head of international cooperation department I. Karimova and designer of the marketing department V. Yakovleva.

The main aim of  IUNC Eurasia 2017 is the establishment of cooperation between universities in Russia and Former Soviet republics and foreign universities, as well as recruiting firms for further development of academic mobility programs and students’ admission.

The event was visited by the representatives of universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America, countries of Latin America and representatives of recruiting firms from India, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and other countries.

In the course of the event were delivered reports and presentations, were held roundtable discussions, which touched upon interacademic cooperation, government support, grants and students’ admission.

Moreover, the representatives of SUT held series of meetings on a one-on-one basis with potential partner universities from BRICS and European countries on the topic of attracting foreign applicants. The colleagues were presented educational programs of SUT, taught in Russian and English, Summer and Winter Schools, programs of academic mobility.

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